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We offer many different non operative options when it comes to your treatment. Many of these treatments occur in the office but some may be conducted at one of the three outside facilities depending on your insurance. On this page you will find treatment options we offer as well as videos for your benefit and knowledge. Listed below are the three facilities, location and contact information that our doctors work closely with to get you the best outcome if your procedure is scheduled out of office!



Electromyography (EMG) Test

Electromyography or EMG tests are a diagnostic test on your muscles and nerves using electrical currents to determine or rule out any conditions causing some of your symptoms.  We conduct this exam in office and we ask you to come with loose fitted clothes and refrain from using lotions, creams and oils the day of the exam. 


In Office Injections

Trigger Point Injections

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) for Migraines

Bursitis with Ultrasound Guidance 

Doctor with Files

Procedures Done with the C-Arm

Epidural Injection

Radio Frequency Ablation 

Facet Injection 

Medial Branch Block/Occipital Nerve Block

Spinal Cord Stimulator Trail & Placement

Transforaminal Epidural (Selective Nerve Root Block)

Stellate Ganglion Block

Genicular Nerve Block

Hip Intra-Articular Injection 

Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint)

Doctor's Visit

Out of Office Procedure Locations 

Quail Surgical Center

6630 S. McCarran Blvd Ste C25

Reno, Nevada 89509

(775) 827-7555

Surgery Center of Reno

343 Elm Street Ste 100

Reno, Nevada 89503

(775) 336-6900

Renown Rehabilitation


1495 Mill Street

Reno, Nevada 89502

(775) 982-3500

Summit Surgery Center

18653 Wedge Pwky Ste 170

Reno, Nevada 89511

(775) 674-5200

Please call (775) 448-9450 for information on what facility accepts your insurance!

NEW Fluoroscopy Suite in House!

We are excited to announce that we have opened a fluoroscopy suite here in the office in May of 2021! Now we are able to perform some of the out of office procedures right here in the office! Please call the injection scheduled to see if are able to accommodate you here in the office! 


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