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Bachelor of Arts - Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California Berkeley

Berkeley, California 

Doctor or Osteopathic Medicine

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

Kirksville, Missouri


Garden City Hospital 

Garden City, Michigan

Residency - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan/Detroit Medical Center

Detroit, Michigan

Fellowship - Pain Management 

Integrated Pain Management Medical Group

Walnut Creek, California 

Dr. John Reyher was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in a small town south of Chicago called Danville. He then moved to Reno since he had a great passion to be outdoors. He thought that Reno was a wonderful mountain environment in which he could rock climb, ski, hike, and mountain bike. He also liked that he could do these thing while spending time with his family and friends. 

Dr. Reyher found his passion for being a doctor after a handful of musculoskeletal injuries from the activities he enjoys and treatment he went through to recover. He started his learning process and practice of medicine as a medical student in Northeast Missouri and then in Phoenix, Arizona. He then continued with residency training in Detroit Michigan and then an interventional pain management fellowship in San Francisco Bay area. While attending the University of California, Berkeley he received a Cal Bears academic scholarship. Additionally, he was class high score on residency assessment exam 2009, 2010, and 2011.  Since finishing his fellowship training, he has worked for approximately 8 years in Reno, Nevada and greatly enjoyed practicing medicine in the Biggest Little City. 

During medical school and residency, he was fortunate enough to have clinical training in pain management and musculosketal medicine. He ultimately chose to work in this specialty because of the intellectual challenge involved in evaluation and diagnosis of musculosketal dysfunction, illness, and disease. What makes Dr. Reyher unique is that he is passionately committed to provide evidence-based, patient centered, multi-modal, compassionate pain management and musculosketal care. 

Dr. Reyher is married with one boy and outside of treating patients he is continuing with his multiple outdoor activities as well as playing the guitar. 

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